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You don't have to give up interior space in your RV, motor home, 5th wheel, or travel trailer.

The Freedom Hauler adapts to your travel needs.

There's no need to lose depreciation because you have to buy or sell whatever your current RV platform is (motorhome, motor coach, travel trailer, or 5th wheel) just because you need a different unit that will haul your toys. Some travelers buy a specific unit because they prefer the motor, or the make or model of an RV. In the past, you were limited on what motor, make or model you could choose because of it's ability to house and haul your toys - not anymore. Want to haul your toys along? Connect your Freedom Hauler. Want to leave your toys at home this time? Disconnect your Freedom Hauler. It's that simple.


No Need to Travel with a Tow Rig. Many times families or traveling teams with drive a separate tow rig to pull the haul the toys, or gear. This is not ideal for many families, as it separates family units from experiencing the travel together or enjoying each other's company. Because the Freedom Hauler allows you to haul behind your RV, you not longer need to have a separate tow rig to get all of your motorcycles, RZRs or side by sides, 4-wheelers or quads, or any other toys or gear to your travel destination. This also saves money and wear and tear on your second vehicle.


•  Does not make your RV, 5th Wheel, Motorhome, or Travel Trailer unstable.


•  Safe at Highway Speeds.


•  Allows you to have total choice over the colors and layout of the interior space of your RV, and you wont have toys in your living space. Many of you know that with toy haulers with a garage, you're limited on layout design and usable space while in tow. Your toys are in your living space until you get to your travel site. Sometimes that can even be troublesome because if you decide to stop driving for the night, you either have to get a hotel or unload your toys from your rig, so you can sleep. Freedom Hauler eliminates this issue. 


•  Not limited on the size or variation of your toys now, or in the future. Your toys evolve with your needs. Meaning, we get many calls from customers that have been limited on what toys they can purchase because of the garage space they must stay within. You no longer need to worry about if the new side by side you're considering is 6 inches too long to fit in your current RV. Maybe next year you'll decide to sell the quads and upgrade to a RZR. Now you won't have to change your rig because you change your toys.


•  No need for a separate UTV Trailer.


•  Quick and easy changeover to an UTV or Utility Trailer Mode. This is one of the most widely used reasons Freedom Hauler owners love their haulers. Because your Freedom Hauler has the optional trailer conversion kit with the slide out tongue, you can also use it as an UTV trailer or traditional utility trailer when your not using it as a toy hauler. Imagine getting to the base camp, or your camping site, and disconnecting your travel trailer or 5th wheel. Now you still have the ability to use your vehicle to hook up to the trailer hitch on your Freedom Hauler to tow your UTVs, Quads, Dirt Bikes, or even snowmobiles to the trail head. 


•  The Trailer Conversion Kit allows you to use any vehicle with a 2" ball and 7-pin connection to use the Freedom Hauler as a trailer, so the uses go far beyond just using it with your RV or motorhome.


•  Durable, long-lasting, American craftsmanship and quality.


•  1-Year Full, Non-Pro-Rated Warranty. This warranty is good anywhere in the United States. If you think you have a problem, simply take your Freedom Hauler to a shop near you to diagnose. We will work directly with that shop to troubleshoot and remedy the problem. 


•  The only 3,500 GVW Tote Dolly on the market. 


•  Our patented Steering Axle is the only steering axle platform on the road. We do NOT use castor wheels or swivel wheels. 


•  The most versatile toy hauling platform you can find. 


•  There are multiple configurations and accessories to fit your specific hauling needs. We have many accessories that can also be changed out to use your Freedom Hauler in different ways. 


•  When your needs change, your Freedom Hauler changes with you. Whether you upgrade to a new or different RV, or to a 5th wheel or travel trailer, your Freedom Hauler stays with you, as well as your ability to haul your toys without being limited to specific toy haulers.


•  When used with your motorhome, you can take your toys along, and still flat tow your vehicle. Simply add the Rear-Receiver Hitch accessory to your Freedom Hauler.


•  Reliable American-Made Parts, Engineering, and Manufacturing.


•  Designed to carry its own payload weight.

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