Freedom Hauler's state-of-the-art engineering to ensure quality and functionality. Proudly Made in Idaho, USA!

Reversing with a Freedom Hauler is a breeze. Notice how the wheels and the Patented Pressure Sensing System rotate to turn the unit, but the deck stays in line with your RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, or Travel Trailer. 

Take all of your toys when you travel! Freedom Hauler is unlike any other toy hauler or toy tote dolly on the market. With its patented pressure sensing system and engineering, the Freedom Hauler functions like an extension of your 5th Wheel, RV, Motorhome, or travel trailer. The Freedom Hauler is designed to carry its own weight or payload for smooth towing, and many different accessories can be added during manufacturing or by the owner at any time! Many accessories or options to choose from are available to help you create the toy hauler / trailer that meets all of your needs, such as side rails and deck extensions,  under-mounted tool boxes, and custom wheels, aluminum diamond plate deck-topper. A receiver hitch is also available for the rear of your Freedom Hauler Freedom Hauler Toy Haulers are available in 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft models to help you haul as much gear and toys as you want!

Reversing with a Freedom Hauler is a breeze! Because of the 2-Point Connection Mount, your Freedom Hauler Tote doesn't swivel left or right, or jack knife while reversing like most trailers! Your Freedom Hauler stays directly in line with your vehicle.

Freedom Hauler is also an authorized dealer for Rampage Power Lifts. Rampage's lifts install easily on your hauler to easily haul your motorcycle, Spyder, or trike.

10 ft. Freedom Hauler with Under-Mounted Tool Boxes, Side Deck Extensions/Side Rails, and Custom Wheels. 6 ft. - 12 ft. Models

feature 28 tie-down points to give you easy access for securing

your toys and gear. 

Installing on a Bumper Pull Trailer or Travel Trailer?

You will need to add a Hensley Arrow Hitch Anti-Sway System or a Pro Pride Anti-Sway System. We recommend this as we have found this is the safest way to use a Freedom Hauler Tote Dolly on a Bumper Pull Trailer. For more information, please see the Hensley or Pro Pride Website links below.

pro pride.JPG


4' to 12' Freedom Haulers

Standard Features on 4 ft. to 12 ft. Freedom Haulers:

  • Patented Pressure Sensing Steering Axle

  • All-Steel Main Frame and Deck

  • Steel Wheels - 15" (13" on 4 ft hauler), Radial Tires, 6 PLY

  • Integrated 24-28 Point Tie-Down System (dependent on hauler)

  • LED Lighting

  • Mud Flaps

  • Reverse Lights

  • Primer/Paint Coating

  • Front Stability Jack

  • 3-Year Warranty


4 ft


800 lbs


1,800 lbs



5 ft

800 lbs

1,800 lbs - 2,700 lbs

6 ft

950 lbs

1,800 lbs - 2,550 lbs

8 ft

10 ft

12 ft

1,050 lbs

2,400 lbs

1,150 lbs

2,300 lbs

1,250 lbs

2,200 lbs






*Varies by accessories added to your unit

Pre-Owned Units


2016-17 Idaho Tote 6' L x 8.5' W

This 6 ft. Freedom Hauler is on consignment, and located near San Antonio, Texas.

  • Upgraded Tires/Wheels/15" 8 Ply

  • Spare Tire

  • Shocks

  • Ramps

  • Aux Air Port

  • Side Boards

Price:  $5,700

Pre-Owned Consignment unit located in Lancaster, California.

• Trailer Conversion Kit

• Upgraded Wheels/Tires - Aluminum/8 Ply

• Spare Tire and Carrier

• Brakes Package

• 2 Toolboxes

• Auxilliary Air

• Shocks


Price of New Unit Outfitted Similarly: $11,900

This Unit Price: $9,500


2019 10' L x 8.5' W Freedom Hauler

Pre-Owned 2019 5 Ft Freedom Hauler on Consignment in Helena, Alabama.

• Trailer Conversion Kit

• Spare Tire and Carrier

• Side Deck Extensions - Makes 8.5' W

• Spray-On Deck Coating

• Wheel Chalk System

• Aluminum Ramps


Price for New Unit Outfitted Similarly: $8,300

This Unit Price: $6,400

Pre-Owned 2019 Freedom Hauler

5' L x 7' W

2018 Freedom Hauler 12′ L x 8.5′ W

This 12 ft. Freedom Hauler is on consignment in 

at our location in Marsing, Idaho. 

  • Upgraded Tires/Wheels Aluminum/8 Ply

  • Shocks

  • Brakes

  • Slide-Out Tongue

  • Spare Tire

Price:  $8,800

2019 Freedom Hauler 8' L x 8.5' W

This 10 ft. Freedom Hauler is on site in 

at our location in Marsing, Idaho. 

  • Upgraded Tires/Wheels Aluminum/8 Ply

  • Spare Tire

  • Aux Air

  • Brakes

  • Slide-Out Tongue

  • (2) Underbody Toolboxes

  • Custom Utility Rack

  • Spray-On Bed Coating

  • Air Lock Axle

Price:  $8,900

2019 Freedom Hauler 10' L x 7' W

This 2019 10 ft. Freedom Hauler is on consignment in Folsom, California.

  • Upgraded Tires/Wheels/8 Ply

  • Shocks

  • Spare Tire

  • Aux Air

  • (2) Underbody Toolboxes

  • Brakes

  • (4) Jacks

  • Spray-On Bed Coating

  • Stake Pockets

  • E-TRAC-Tie Down System

Price:  $9,590

2017 Freedom Hauler 8' L x 8.5' W

This 8 ft. Freedom Hauler is on consignment in 

at our location in Marsing, Idaho. 

  • Upgraded Tires/Wheels/8 Ply

  • Bolt-On Tongue

  • Ramps

  • Rear Hitch Mount for RV

Price:  $6,400



Military Discount!

Freedom Hauler is grateful for the sacrifices of this great country's servicemen and servicewomen. We offer a 5% discount to all US military members. May not be combinable with other specials. 

In Stock!
New 2020 Demo Unit

Freedom Hauler 5′ L x 7′ W

* Hauler flipped in images from use for demo.

Trailer Conversion Kit with Spare Tire + Carrier, and Shocks.
List Price:                $7,375
Demo Discount:     -$1,425
Demo Price:            $5,950 

Grab this pre-owned 2015 Idaho Tote while it’s available! Includes a spare tire, 8 Ply Tires, Loading Ramps, Bolt-On Tongue Assembly – everything you need to connect to your 5th Wheel or Motorhome.
Price: $5,300

Pre-Owned 2015 Idaho Tote 8′ L x 8′ W

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